Top 100+ Generative AI Applications Use Cases in 2023

Top 100+ Generative AI Applications Use Cases in 2023

Gen AI use cases by type and industry Deloitte US

Without effective exploration methods our agents thrash around until they randomly stumble into rewarding situations. This is sufficient in many simple toy tasks but inadequate if we wish to apply these algorithms to complex settings with high-dimensional action spaces, as is common in robotics. In this paper, Rein Houthooft and colleagues propose VIME, a practical approach to exploration using uncertainty on generative models. VIME makes the agent self-motivated; it actively seeks out surprising state-actions.

Through the integration of advanced technologies such as modeling, drones, and prefabrication methods, the industry has transitioned from traditional manual processes to a more efficient and digitally-driven approach. This shift has facilitated enhanced project management, cost control, and accelerated construction timelines. Conversica is an AI-powered solution that automates customer follow-ups and drives meaningful engagements.

#7. Text-to-Speech generation (TTS)

The sitemap code provides information about each page on a website, such as its URL, the date it was last modified, and its priority relative to other pages on the site. By analyzing this data, generative AI tools can help you identify your target audience’s preferences, interests, and pain points, which can inform your marketing messaging, content, and product development. When a customer leaves a review or comment on online review platforms or your website, ChatGPT or other tools can be used to generate a response that addresses the customer’s concerns and offers potential solutions or assistance.

generative ai examples

The table below indicates the main types of generative AI application and provides examples of each. Generative AI can analyze historical sales data and generate forecasts for future sales. So, sales teams can optimize their sales pipeline and allocate resources more effectively. ChatGPT can be used in generating sitemap codes Yakov Livshits producing an XML file that lists all the pages and content on a website. ChatGPT can be used in creating effective meta descriptions by generating summaries of the content that accurately and concisely describe the main topic of a page. For instance, creating designs for clothing, furniture, or electronics can be an option.

How many videos can I generate with Kapwing AI?

While there are still some debates about artificial intelligence-generated images, people are still looking for the best AI art generators and love generative AI images. Generative AI is particularly suited to this task as it can easily analyze any dataset and then create synthetic data that closely matches it. It means businesses can train AI algorithms and perform tests and simulations without exposing private or sensitive information that might be contained in real-world data. Text generation with generative AI models reduces the time and effort required to create new content. This is especially helpful for marketing campaigns where businesses must produce large amounts of content quickly and efficiently.

FSI firms need to be ready to combat the “dark side” of generative AI … – ETCIO South East Asia

FSI firms need to be ready to combat the “dark side” of generative AI ….

Posted: Sun, 17 Sep 2023 23:30:00 GMT [source]

In January, after months of organizing, raises went into effect for Appen freelancers working on the Bard chatbot and other Google products. Along with its troubled financials, the company is dealing with a string of executive departures. Yakov Livshits Helen Johnson, who was appointed finance chief in May, left after just seven weeks in the role. Marketing chief Fab Dolan, whose departure was announced on the earnings call, spent just over two months in the position.

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Use cases of generative AI models across domains

Text-to-speech generation refers to converting written text into spoken audio using natural language processing. This feature can automate tasks such as creating audiobooks, building voice assistants, and more. Sentiment analysis is another use of generative AI, which involves text analysis to determine the user’s sentiment or emotion. This can be useful for companies that want to monitor customer sentiment toward their products or services. Sentiment analysis can also be used in social media monitoring, market research, and more.

generative ai examples

Thanks to LiviaTheodora for collecting many of these styles in a helpful gdoc here. Finally, you just need to download the AI-generated images that you like the most. Maybe you need a unique image for your blog post or an image for your product.

The content creator and ZDNET’s own David Gewirtz, who you may know from the YouTube channel, Advanced Geekery, detailed how he created images with MidJourney for an Etsy shop. If you’ve consumed any media in the past few years, you’ve likely seen some AI-generated images, even if you’ve been unaware of them. The vast success of social media has resulted in its growth into a full-blown Yakov Livshits business model. A long way from your Myspace Top 8 and glitter GIFs, we’ve found a way to monetize and create an economic model from our social media habits. Using synthetic data in this way can help to tackle those problems (note – I will not say it solves them entirely) as datasets can be created in line with whatever level of representation or inclusiveness is needed.

Here and here we have already informed about the technology of text to image generators, but in this article we will show you how to work with it. Most of them either use the API of open-source generative AI models (like GPT) or create their own. The use cases are quite interesting and promise to be a real business solution for users instead of just a test tool or playground. ChatGPT is one of the most popular free generative AI tools created by OpenAI that allows everyday users to generate AI content for free. Bases on the GPT-3.5 model, ChatGPT is one of the few free content generation tools available to the general public – although the paid version ChatGPT Plus is also available.

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In addition, the company is also launching Firefly as a standalone web app, giving what was previously more akin to a demo official status within the Adobe product portfolio. Previously, integrating AI meant investing in training, improving, and keeping the performance under inspection. Now, generative AI allows businesses to benefit from AI with nearly any budget. The sandwich approach suggests using AI for tasks while keeping humans involved at the beginning and end of the process.

Gen AI in high gear: Mercedes-Benz leverages the power of ChatGPT – McKinsey

Gen AI in high gear: Mercedes-Benz leverages the power of ChatGPT.

Posted: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 00:00:00 GMT [source]

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